preparing for infertility

As you probably already know (and if you don’t, how dare you not keep up with my blog! Kidding… Mostly), I’m getting married this year. With my upcoming wedding, and all the plans that come with it, I’ve really been thinking more seriously about my future. Before I met Sean, I never really had dreams for the future beyond adopting more pets and hopefully eventually meeting the love of my life. Continue reading “preparing for infertility”

living in a new city in a pandemic

I moved to a different city with the love of my life this past summer. It was a year and a half into the pandemic and felt like a crazy time for such a big change, but boy did I need that change. It feels weird to be living in a big city during a time when we can’t fully experience city life yet. When indoor dining has been open, I haven’t felt safe enough to try new restaurants, and when ordering in, we can only get restaurants in our neighbourhood. It feels like I’m still living in a bubble.
We moved to Ottawa because my fiancé is doing a two year college course (at which he is totally kicking ass) and it was the right time for us to move in together. It’s my first time not living in my hometown that I lived in for twenty six and a half years. Besides the whole missing my family thing, it’s been wonderful living in a different city. Continue reading “living in a new city in a pandemic”

2021 was… a year

Hi, it’s been a while. Let’s chat.

2021 was… a year. It was simultaneously the best and one of the most difficult years of my life. The love of my life proposed on the very first day of 2021. At that point I truly believed it was going to be a great year, but it quickly turned. Looking back, it’s not surprising at all that it turned so quickly. The year prior was, for the most part, kind of terrible. I think basically everyone can agree that 2020 sucked and 2021 wasn’t a whole lot better. Continue reading “2021 was… a year”

six years

Six years.

Six years ago today,

My world crumbled,

Changed permanently.

For my entire life,

I was sick,

But hopeful that I would get better.

Until that day.

Six years ago.

I thought I could really get better.

But I won’t.

Because six years ago,

My doctor called me


No good calls come after-hours.

Continue reading “six years”

person-first language and ableism

Ableism is the discrimination, unfair treatment, or social prejudice of disabled people, in favour of able-bodied people.

Person-first language, when used by able-bodied people, is ableist in and of itself. Person-first language is the practice of separating the person from their condition. Examples of person-first language include: person with asthma instead of asthmatic person, child with autism rather than autistic child, person with PCD, in lieu of PCDer. Continue reading “person-first language and ableism”

canadian healthcare isn’t actually free

Before someone comes in with the obvious remarks about taxes, don’t even get me started. I will gladly continue to pay the same amount of taxes I do now so my loved ones will never have to declare bankruptcy due to a trip to the ICU. The fact that I did not have to pay a dime when I was admitted for observation after an extensive sinus surgery went wrong is something I am extremely grateful for. When my lungs are barely getting air and my heartrate skyrockets, I don’t have to check my bank accounts or check which hospital takes my insurance; I go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital, knowing I can afford my zero dollar medical bill. Continue reading “canadian healthcare isn’t actually free”

chronic illness game-changers

When you have a chronic illness, (or ten) every little thing you do can take so much more energy than you can even imagine. I’m often caught off guard by how much energy a seemingly simple tasks takes from me. Even taking my medications and doing my daily treatments can be exhausting, especially when I need those treatments the most. These are some things that I’ve found make a massive difference overall, though some may seem minuscule. Continue reading “chronic illness game-changers”

you might have pcd if…

You might have Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia if…

You cough every time you laugh.

You have laughed yourself into a coughing fit so hard you had tears streaming down you face.

You somewhat regularly cough so hard you throw up.

Debilitating sinus pain is “just a headache”. Continue reading “you might have pcd if…”

the cost of air

Most are able to breathe freely.

Free of restrictions,

Free of cost.

Not me.

No, I don’t have that luxury.

My air has never been easy to obtain.

It’s as costly as a diamond ring;

One you pay monthly for.

It has cost me hundreds,

If not thousands by now.

Continue reading “the cost of air”